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General information

  • Professional treatment

    There are a number of guidelines for treating the client, that are used in our practices. The official guidelines (Professional ethics and conduct for the physiotherapist) are available at the practices. 

    • The treatment will be explained before implementation. The physiotherapist will indicate his and/or her actions. If there are objections to these actions, please indicate this immediately.

    • If you are against certain acts and/or types of treatments, by for example religion, please make this known at the first appointment.

    • The client has to indicate before the first appointment that he/she does not want to be treated by a physiotherapist from the other gender.

    • The treatment will take place in a separate room between the physiotherapist and the client. In case of group therapy more clients will be present in the same room.

    • If third parties (for example trainees) are present during treatment, permission will be asked before the start of the treatment.

    • The physiotherapist must behave respectfully to the client and must omit informal behaviour.

    • If situations occur that are inappropriate another therapist will be appointed, in consultation with the client, to continue the treatment.

    • Personal information of the client will remain confidential and will not be discussed with third parties.

     We will give you the best treatment and we look forward to working together for a great relaion! 


  • Disclaimer
    Coming soon! 
  • House rules

    For a safe and pleasant environment our practice established a number of rules.

    • The physiotherapist has reserved time for your treatment and trusts on your presence. Cancellation of your appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the treatment is at your charge.

    • Please announce your presence at our reception, take a seat in the waiting room and wait for your therapist.

    • Please mute your mobile phone.

    • We would appreciate if you could bring a towel and/or wear sports clothing during sport therapy.

    • After ending a therapy session please make a new appointment if necessary.

    • Physiomotion is not accountable for the loss or the damage of your personal items and/or possessions in- or outside our practices.

    • Keep in mind that both sites are in a paid parking zone. There is one yellow brick available on the Sint Janshof (in case you do not have money on your card). You can pay these costs at our reception.

    • Smoking is not permitted at our practices.

    • In case of emergencies, follow the instructions of the staff or the competent authority (fire department, police).

    • We ask you to report defects or malfunctions to one of our employees.

  • Terms of payment

    • If Physiomotion is able to collect directly from your insurance company you will not receive a invoice. Physiomotion uses the fees that the insurance company has applied in our contract.

    • Physiomotion does not accept credit cards.

    • If you for any reason receive a bill, then we ask you to pay this within 14 days. Thank you!

    • If you are not insured for physical therapy then we would like you to pay the treatment session immediately at our reception. You can pay by direct debit card or cash. Physiomotion then has her own fees and prices.  You can always see them posted across our desk or right here on our website:  …

  • Open hours

    Opening hours 2e Sint Janshof 8:            

    Monday - Tuesday - Thursday        8.00 - 22.00  
    Wednesday                   8.00 – 13.00
    Friday                          8.00 - 18.00
    Saturday                      9.00 - 13.00
    Sunday is closed


    Please call us anytime during opening hours at the number:  010 217 – 9340, Thank you!

  • Privacy Statement




    Physiomotion processes your personal data in a careful manner and in accordance with the law. Physiomotion considers it important that you are aware of how your personal data are processed within Physiomotion. In this privacy statement we inform you about the way your personal data are processed.


    Who is responsible for processing of your personal data? Physiomotion (Chamber of Commerce no./ KvK nr.  24443880) is responsible for the processing of personal data by all business units and subsidiaries of Physiomotion, within the acquirements and the laws of the General Regulation on Personal Data.


    The contact details for Physiomotion can be found on the Physiomotion website: www.physiomotion.nl


    If you still have questions after reading this privacy statement, you can always contact Physiomotion:








    t.a.v. de heer J. P. van Mierlo en/mw. of S.E. Leyh
    Adress:  2de Sint Janshof 8

    Zipcode: 3011SG - Rotterdam



    What is personal data?Personal data is data that can be traced to a natural person, for example a name, a copy of your passport, your account number or your email address.


    Which kind of  personal data is collected and processed by Physiomotion?


    ·         Contact information: name, address, email address, telephone numbers.·         Identity data: date of birth, place of birth, copy of passport, citizen service number.·         Medical data: data on (para) medical conditions that are important for the treatments to be performed by Physiomotion such as physical and mental condition, any physical limitations, operations, organ problems, medication that you use, what you do for a living. And also the contact details of your doctor.·         Bank account number if you are a member of our sport school


    What for purposes is my personal data used by Physiomotion?


    We ask for your personal data to give you the best possible treatment. For an overview of the treatments we carry out, you can consult our website (www.physiomotion.nl). We therefore need your data for the execution of the agreement that we enter into with you. If you do not want to provide this information, no agreement can be made with Physiomotion and we cannot be of any further service to you.


    We also use your personal data for the following other purposes:


    ·         To conclude or execute a contract with you;·         To do statistical research;·         To be able to make (internal) analyzes (big data research) without the data being traceable to a natural person;·         To maintain and expand the relationship with you;·         To personalize your digital internet environment if we offer you this;·         To give information about services and products or to make (personal) offers (marketing) of Physiomotion;·         To be able to test or maintain the software systems in which Physiomotion has stored personal data; and·         To share with a (prospective) legal successor under the general or special title or pledgee of the rights of Physiomotion.



    How do we protect your data?We use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your (personal) data. We work exclusively with parties that offer a secure system where we store your personal data.


    Is there special personal data that is being processed by Physiomotion (for example criminal data)?Criminal law data:Physiomotion does not process criminal records of you.


    Citizen Service Number (BSN):Physiomotion processes your BSN because it needs it for the reimbursements of the health insurer.


    Which retention periods apply to Physiomotion?Physiomotion keeps your personal data as long as you have an agreement with Physiomotion. Physiomotion must also keep your data as long as necessary to comply with statutory retention periods. This period is 10 years for Physiomotion.Physiomotion will destroy or anonymize your personal data after the applicable storage periods have expired. In what way does Physiomotion protect my data?All persons who can take cognizance of personal data on behalf of Physiomotion are obliged to observe and apply secrecy. For example, the employees of Physiomotion.Physiomotion has applied appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.


    Cooperation with third parties?Physiomotion uses processors when processing your personal data. Important processors of Physiomotion are Virtuagym / Intramed / Curasoft / Click / Life Plus and Coach. The processors of Physiomotion are in principle based within the European Union.


    If Physiomotion passes on your personal data to recipients outside the European Union or international organizations, then Physiomotion will inform you in advance whether or not an adequacy decision by the European Commission exists or what appropriate safeguards Physiomotion applies to protect these personal data and where they can be consulted. If Physiomotion proceeds to rectification, removal or restriction of the use of personal data, it will inform processors and third parties about this, unless this proves impossible or requires a disproportionate amount of effort. What rights do I have if my personal data are processed by Physiomotion?


    ·         You have the right to view your personal data;·         You have the right to correct your personal details or to supplement them if they are incorrect;·         You can request Physiomotion to stop making personal offers or sending marketing material;·         You can request Physiomotion to delete your personal data;·         You can request Physiomotion to transfer your personal data to another party;·         You can object to the processing of your personal data;



    If you wish to make use of one of the above rights, you can direct your request to:Mr. J.P. van Mierlo and / or  Mrs. S.E. Leyh



    Changes to this privacy statementThis privacy statement from Physiomotion may be changed one-sided from time to time by Physiomotion. The most recent version is always available on the Physiomotion website.
  • I want to cancel my appointment, what do I do?
    If you want to cancel an appointment, you can do so by phone, mail or our contact sheet on the website. We have a 24 hour term for cancellations.

    When you cancel an appointment later  than 24 hours before, then we are entitled to send an invoice for the missed appointment.
  • Why play sports at Physiomotion? What makes it different?
    At Physiomotion you go for results and you are under professional guidance! With a tailor-made program you work on your personal health goals in a conscious and healthy way. We train in the right bio-mechanical chains and alijgnment. And all in a pleasant atmosphere!

    You start with an intake interview, this is a physical examination, with a number of measurements and a fitness test. In this way we map together what your needs are and how the desired results can best be achieved. We then put together a tailor-made program and you can get started.

    If you have questions during training, there is always someone in the room who can help you. If you do not do an exercise properly, you will immediately be corrected by a physiotherapist in the room. And when you have successfully completed your schedule and achieved goals, we will schedule a new appointment with one of our physiotherapists so that a new schedule can be drawn up.

    Feel free to come along or come and do a trial lesson! You get a tour and the information you need. See you soon!
  • What are the terms and conditions at Physiomotion?
    Our terms and conditions can be found at this page:

  • Complaints?

    You may assume that every physiotherapist exercises his/her profession as well as possible. If you still have complaints or suggestions about the treatment, the way you interact with your therapist or other matters relating our practices, please inform us. We will see this complaints and suggestions as a free type of advice.

    It will be useful to start a conversation with your physiotherapist. But you can also start a conversation with a fellow physiotherapist or the receptionist. There is also the opportunity to submit a complaint on paper. The form for the written complaint can be found on our website (www.physiomotion.nl) or at our reception. You can send the form by e-mail, put is in the complaint/suggestion box at our practices or give it to one of our employees. 

    If a conversation or complaint does not result in the desired result, you can use the complaints procedure of the KNGF (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap Fysiotherapie). There are three instances where you can turn to with your complaint:

    • The committee for complaints of the KNGF;

    • The supervisory committee of the KNGF;

    • The regional disciplinary tribunal of the government

    These complaints can only be submitted on paper and is not anonymous. Your complaint will be treated by an independent commission, consisting of a lawyer, experts and/or physiotherapists. In the case of the committee for complaints your complaint will be treated by a representative of the overarching patient organisation. A judgement will be made.

    Below this page you will find our contact form, which you can also use to send us your complaints or suggestions. If it is more convenient you can also send us an e-mail to info@physiomotion.nl
    You can also choose to print a pdf of our comlaints form: http://www.physiomotion.nl/en/specialism/incidentenformulier

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