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Pelvic floor assessement

Pelvic floor assessement

  • Did you have any tears or cuts during your delivery or a vacuum extraction?
  • Do you have more trouble holding your up than before your pregnancy?
  • Do you notice urine leakage or other problems when playing sports are running?
  • Are you not sure if you are correctly training your pelvic muscles?


80% of all women after their first baby have a dysfunctional pelvic floor 1 year after delivery with or without having symptoms of dysfunction.  Child birth takes a great toll on your pelvic floor and without correct function it causes many issues in womens’ health.  At Mothers in Motion, we can measure your pelvic floor with EMG and give you an assessment of your pelvic muscles to be 100% sure that they work in the right way and that they are strong enough to do all the things you would like to do as a new mom! More important you get biofeedback and know for sure how you can contract and train the strength of your muscles in a correct way.  This is a very important assessment for women’s health to prevent prolapsing and the need for inlay material so as many woman get problems with holding their urine after delivery.


After the pelvic floor assessment you will experience:

  • Knowing what kind of condition your pelvic floor is in.
  • Seeing the difference in strength and coordination of the pelvic floor in different positions. (laying down, standing and sitting)
  • Being more aware of your abdominal muscles, butt muscles and pelvic floor muscles and knowing if you are contracting in the correct way.
  • Having top insight as to how you can train the muscles and get the results you are looking for.

Practical information:

  • Pelvic floor assessment: The assessment takes one hour and at the first appointment the pelvic floor specialist will begin by listening to your wishes and needs.  Then she will make an internal examination first manually and then with a vaginal probe to make an analyses of your situation.  The vaginal probe is needed by the assessment and you can take it with you afterwards.  If there is a follow up or an indication for treatment you might be needing the probe in the future for measurement. Our pelvic floor specialist will give you exercises and explain options you can do to train you muscles in the right way.
  • Accessibility: You have easy access to our practice, we are nearby all attributes of transportation: metro, bus, train station or tram. You can be planned in at the time that best is for you and we have no waiting list. We have special bidets so it is possible for you to freshen-up your pelvic area before and after the exam if you want.
  • therapy. After the first intake with the pelvic floor therapist you can discuss the possibility of this measurement as part of the total therapy plan.


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