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Massage for seniors

Massage for seniors

  • Do you feel run down and need some energy?
  • Does your body ache and feel sore?
  • Are you tired of always being on the run and would like some relaxation?
  • Are would you just like to give your  body some special attention?

Physiomotion offers just this with our massages.  All of our massages are given through a certified massage therapist.  Before we begin we take good care to ask you if there are any areas where there is a specific problem and what sort of massage that you would like.  You can choose from a variety of massages:  relaxing massage, sport massage, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, lomylomy massage etc.  and you can choose how long you would like the massage,  (45 min. or longer)


Multi functional massage table

We use a special table that can turn into a table suitable for pregnant women too.
Take a look at the video to see how:


  • Accessibility: Our massage area is easy accessible, we have a lift you it is difficult to walk the stairs and we are nearby all attributes of transportation:  metro, bus, train station or tram.  Our massage rooms are always very clean and hygienic.  You can also choose what type of oil that you prefer, maybe hypoallergenic oil if you have sensitive skin. 
  • Payment: Our massages can be paid in cash or with your pin card.  The prices range from 40 euros to 90 euros depending how long your massage is and which massage you choose. More information over the massage price list? {click}




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