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Mother workshops before delivery

Mother workshops before delivery

Pre-natal workshops

Do you want a good preparation for your delivery in the centre of Rotterdam? With our 5 workshops substantiated by information from pelvic physiotherapy. You will get all the informaton you need.

  • Would you like hands-on information about the different stages of delivery so you know exactly what’s going to happen, how long it will last and the best way to get through your whole delivery in a positive way!
  • Do you want to learn how to deal with your contractions, breath optimally and how to stay relaxed during the delivery?
  • Have you heard stories that the delivery can last as long as 3 days or that the partner had no clue what he could do?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts to do after delivery for a good recovery?

Many mothers have not prepared themselves for delivery in the right way mentally and do not realize precise what happens during delivery within their bodies.  They are not able to surrender to their hormones, cannot relax, hyperventilate, tense up, have a long and painful delivery and usually have a difficult recovery afterward.

Mothers in motion has practical workshops that give you “hands-on” personal tips and tricks to prepare you for everything that can happen during delivery.  You learn what you can do to prevent you (as much as possible) from tearing, hyperventilating and becoming stressed.  We will teach you the best way to get through your contractions, stay relaxed and push the baby out in a way that your eyes will stay undamaged. You also learn what you should do for the best recovery and the fastest recovery of your pelvic floor and stomach muscles.

Mothers in Motion Pre Curriculum Workshops:

  • Your pelvic floor and stomach muscles – How can you prevent tearing of your pelvic floor during your delivery?
  • The delivery – How can you enjoy the best delivery and save your energy?
  • Optimal breathing – How do you breath the best now and during your delivery?
  • Do's and Don'ts – How do you get the best and quickest recovery?
  • Partner class – How can your partner help you the best during your delivery?

After the pre motion mother workshops you will experience:

Having the knowledge of what is happening in your body at the different stages of the delivery and knowing what you need to do.

  • Having a partner that know how he/she can help and support you in the best way possible.
  • Being confident that you are “Ready Freddy” and psyched-up for the delivery. “Let’s get on with it!”.
  • Being prepared for an optimal recovery and knowing when you are doing too much and what exercises that you can do and when you can start exercising.

 *Our workshops are always in English, except when all participants are Dutch speakers



tu 1th of May 19:00 - workshop 1 abdominal & pelvic floor
tu 8th of May 19:00 - workshop 2 the delivery
tu 15th of May 19:00 -  workshop 3 optimal breathing
tu 22th of May 19:00 - workshop 4 post-partum do's & don'ts
tu 29th of May 19:00 - workshop 5 partner class

July - August 2018 
tu 17th of July 19:00 - workshop 1 abdominal & pelvic floor
tu 24th of July 19:00 - workshop 2 the delivery
tu 31th of July 19:00 - workshop 3 optimal breathing 
tu 7th of July 19:00 - workshop 4 post-partum do's & don'ts
tu 14th of July 19:00 - workshop 5 partner class

September - October 2018
tu 4th of September 19:00 - workshop 1 abdominal & pelvic floor
tu 11th of September 19:00 - workshop 2 the delivery
tu 18th of September 19:00 - workshop 3 optimal breathing 
tu 25th of September 19:00 - workshop 4 post-partum do's & don'ts
tu 2th of October 19:00 - workshop 5 partner class

November - December 2018 
tu 6th of November 19:00 - workshop 1 abdominal & pelvic floor
tu 13th of November 19:00 - workshop 2 the delivery
tu 20th of November 19:00 - workshop 3 optimal breathing 
tu 27th of November 19:00 - workshop 4 post-partum do's & don'ts
tu 4th of December 19:00 - workshop 5 partner class

 Practical information:

  • Mother workshops pre & post-natal: We offer workshops pre and post-natal.  The workshops are given professionals that have years of experience in teaching these topics.  You just have to call and sign in for whatever workShop you would like to attend. We have special prices for our members of mothers in motion but everyone is welcome!
  • Accessibility: You have easy access to our practice, we have a lift if it is difficult for you to walk the stairs and we are nearby all attributes of transportation: metro, bus, train station or tram. You can be planned in at the time that best is for you and we have no waiting list. Our workshops pre natal are planned in Tuesday evenings and the post-natal workshops usually on Wednesdays or saterdays in the morning.
  • Payment: You can choose if you would like to do all of the workshops or just the workshops of your choice.  Per individual workshop it costs 30 euros.  Here following we also have a package deal where you can make your own combinations.



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