Together we'll reach your personal goal!

Do you want to:

  • relieve your pain,
  • be able to practice your favorite sports again,
  • strengthen your joints and muscles after an operation,
  • be top fit during your pregnancy,
  • become fit again after your delivery,
  • obtain a healthy weight,
  • stay fit and independent and enjoy longevity throughout your senior years?

Together our physical therapy team will find a long lasting solution to reach your goals and to optimize your body. We offer a complete concept to support and improve your musculoskeletal system. Our approach to improve human body movement is based on our experiences in physical therapy, our patients’ needs, our paramedical outlook on sports, sports guidance and our vision on pre- and post-pregnancy knowledge. We combine our physical therapy practice with a top of the line sports centre in the city centre of Rotterdam.

Our specialized team offers you:

  • Physical therapy,
  • Manual therapy
  • Pelvic Floor therapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy NVFS ® (Dutch Society for Sports Therapy in Sports Health Care)
  • Revalidation
  • Mothers in Motion: our new concept for professional training and coaching during and after preganancy
  • SportMotion: optimal training results through professional guidance instrenght training
  • SeniorMotion: staying fit and independent with bone building troughout your senior years
  • BreathingMotion: respiratory fitness for good breathing in all situations

Contact details:
You can find us in the city centre of Rotterdam (near by Train Station Blaak): 2e Sint-Janshof 8-10, 010-2179340.
We also have a 2nd location in the city centre / West of Rotterdam (near by Erasmus Hospital): Claes de Vrieselaan 91b, 010-4762006. You can send us an e-mail at: