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Manual therapy

From sport injuries, revalidation after surgery to work-related pain in neck, shoulders or back, our manual therapists will help you on your way to recovery. With manual therapy we can very quickly achieve an increased mobility of the joints and muscles throughout the entire body.  

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Restoring the balance

Imbalances in the joints during or after intense usage occur often. Your joint maybe just a bit out of its groove and then you experience pain upon movement and/or blockage. When this mobilization problem is not treated then your joint may get inflamed, and become more and more limited in its movement creating peak strains in and around the joint which in the long run causes damage to your cartilage and ligaments. It is important that you get the blockage fixed as soon as possible. A blocked joint will also create muscles weakness after only a weak which will get only worse if not treated.

Manual therapy

There are at least 86 different manipulations of the joints. Bij Physiomotion we combine two main “schools” of manipulation; techniques from the SOMT (Netherlands) manual therapy and techniques from Mulligan® (New Zealand) manipulation with mobilization. All of our techniques are pain free, give instant results and are long lasting hence that exercises are followed up.  

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