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Training and treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis (OS)

Known as degenerative arthritis, OA occurs as the cartilage in the knee wears away and bone on bone contact between the joint surfaces occurs. This causes symptoms such as joint pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of function. 

Although OA commonly affects adults 45+, it has also been observed in younger individuals, particularly after certain surgeries (e.g. ACL repair). Increased life expectancy alone cannot account for the current OA prevalence. Other risk factors include but are not limited to: obesity, joint hypermobility, high impact sport stress, and injury to the joint. Physical therapy aims to influence some of these modifiable factors.

The main goals of physical therapy treatment & training for knee osteoarthritis are:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Regain joint range of motion.
  • Increase strength of the lower limbs.
  • Improve muscle length.
  • Improve function (walking, stairs, squatting).
  • Education regarding activity modification and weight loss.

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