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Treating the cause
not the symptoms

Electromyographic research (EMG)

EMG is a great objective way to analyze and train muscles of the body. You can see immediately what you do and how hard you contract and relax. It can be used for divers muscles groups. It is safe and non-invasive giving the client direct feedback about the function. With you, you can break through bad inefficient movement patterns of the muscles. Find out more:

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What is EMG? 

EMG stands for Electromyography and we use it to measure the electrical activity of the muscles. Currently at Physiomotion we use it for neck – shoulder problems enhancing the right motor control of engagement of the muscles as also for pelvic floor diagnosis and training. 

We do pelvic floor examination for over 18 years and still are regularly surprised as to how the muscle feels in the manual exam in comparison to what the EMG actually objectively measures. We always also use 2 canals to measure the pelvic floor in order to prevent a false positive result.  I believe that EMG is essential in any examination of the pelvic floor to arrive at a correct diagnosis, treatment and recovery! 

Indications and treatment

EMG in the physical therapy gives great insight in the following situations and issues:  shoulder –neck problems with dysfunction of the muscles because of a too high tonus of the trapezius,  pelvic floor dysfunction post-partum especially if there has been any damage done to the pelvic floor muscle.  (rupture, tears or episiotomy),  a so called “over active” pelvic floor is also another indication to use EMG. With the same indications it is also used as a treatment. There are many programs with in the EMG where you can do exercises and see what you are doing. We cannot even think how to treat pelvic floor issues without this EMG insight! 

If you suffer from any pelvic floor issues and / or tight unsolved neck muscles than plan an appointment with our pelvic floor physical therapist Stephanie.

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