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Meet the movement

Our team

At Physiomotion we gathered an international team of passionate and professional 'movement specialists'.
Trainers and physical therapists, ready to help you reach your goals:

Stephanie Leyh- bekkenfysiotherapeut

Stephanie Leyh →

"it is my mission to improve the lives of (pregnant) women!"

Origin: Texas, US
Languages: English, Dutch
Expertise: Physical therapy, manual therapy, pelvic physical therapy, breathing therapy

T: 010 217 9340
E: stephanie@physiomotion.nl

Joost van Mierlo - fysiotherapeut

Joost van Mierlo →

"My expertise is in the 'biomechanics of the body'. Analysing where the problem is coming from and being able to explain it in a way that everyone thinks: 'Is it so simple?' Yes...it's so simple."

Origin: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English
Expertise: Physical therapy, manual therapy, breathing therapy

T: 010 217 9340
E: info@physiomotion.nl

Sonia Cristovao - Physical therapist Rotterdam

Sonia Cristovao →

My goal is to help you prevent and recover from (sport) injuries and achieve your fitness goals!

Origin: Portuguese-Canadian
Languages: English, Portuguese, Dutch
Expertise: Physical therapist, M.Sc. Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist

T: 010 217 9340
E: info@physiomotion.nl

Pedro Alves Cardoso - physical therapist rotterdam

Pedro Alves Cardoso →

"It is my goal to combine my movement experience with physical therapy education in order to offer the best help to our clients."

Origin: Portugese
Languages: Portugese, English, Dutch
Expertise: Physical therapy

T: 010 2179340
E: Info@physiomotion.nl

Alisa Komarowa personal trainer rotterdam

Alisa Komarowa →

Alisa's study at Codarts aroused interest in the human body and how it functions, which resulted in her starting a follow-up studie in physical therapy.

Origin: Ukrainian
Languages: English, Ukranian, Polish, Russian
Expertise: physical therapy (in training), professional ballet dancer, dance teacher, personal trainer, fitness & group lesson instructor.

T: 010 217 9340
E: info@physiomotion.nl


Marielle →

Our black and tan daschshund Marielle is 15 years old. She follows her boss, Stephanie around the whole day and protects the practice.

Origin: Netherlands
Languages: Barks Netherlands and English
Expertise: Security of the reception and giving lots of love

T: 010 217 9340
E: info@physiomotion.nl