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The movement specialists

Physiomotion is a physical therapy practice and gym in the center of Rotterdam. At Physiomotion we understand how the body works. We are curious about the individual. Your personal goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses are what drives us as physical therapists and personal trainers. 

We only work with (internationally) trained and certified physical therapists to guarantee you a safe, effective, quality  and fun experience. 

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Sport injuries, physical complaints or a needs for medical rehabilitation?

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Fun and effective sports and fitness, given and guided by sporting certified physical therapists.

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Pre- and post natal training, pelvic floor physical therapy, guidance and workshops.

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For specialised training during your pregnancy and after delivery we developed the Mothers in Motion program →

For anyone who wants to have fun and stay fit, discover our fitness facilities and take a look at our top-end personal training →

We have an international team of certified physical therapists with amazing specialties as well as other in house health care partners.

We embrace all available modern technology, using the best available methods to ensure reliable, objective analysis and optimal effective training. We offer advanced screening techniques such as Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Capnometry®, Electro myography (EMG) and Functional Electro Stimulation (FES).