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Alisa Komarowa

Alisa Komarowa personal trainer rotterdam

Origin: Ukrainian
Languages: English, Ukranian, Polish, Russian
Expertise: physical therapy (in training), professional ballet dancer, dance teacher, personal trainer, fitness & group lesson instructor. (CKR & BIG registered)

Alisa's study at Codarts aroused interest in the human body and how it functions, which resulted in her starting a follow-up studie in physical therapy.

Alisa was born in Ukraine, two years after the dissolution of Soviet Union. She was introduced to classical ballet at the age of eight in her hometown Lvov, where, under the guidance of soloists from Mariinsky theater, she graduated with a solid classical base. After graduation, she moved to study at the ballet academy in Warsaw (Poland).

In a will to discover new techniques and learn more about Western culture, she moved to the Netherlands and continued her education at Codarts University of the Arts.

Through this journey at Codarts the interest in the human body and how it functions started to grow, which later manifested in enrollment in European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

T: 010 217 9340
E: info@physiomotion.nl