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You may assume that every physiotherapist exercises his/her profession as well as possible. If you still have complaints or suggestions about the treatment, the way you interact with your therapist or other matters relating our practices, please inform us. We will see this complaints and suggestions as a free type of advice.

It will be useful to start a conversation with your physiotherapist. But you can also start a conversation with a fellow physiotherapist or the receptionist. There is also the opportunity to submit a complaint on paper. The form for the written complaint can be found here or at our reception. You can send the form by e-mail, put is in the complaint/suggestion box at our practices or give it to one of our employees. 

If a conversation or complaint does not result in the desired result, you can use the complaints procedure of the KNGF (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap Fysiotherapie). There are three instances where you can turn to with your complaint:

  • The committee for complaints of the KNGF;
  • The supervisory committee of the KNGF;
  • The regional disciplinary tribunal of the government

These complaints can only be submitted on paper and is not anonymous. Your complaint will be treated by an independent commission, consisting of a lawyer, experts and/or physiotherapists. In the case of the committee for complaints your complaint will be treated by a representative of the overarching patient organisation. A judgement will be made.