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No-nonsense physical therapy

At Physiomotion we have an international team of experienced physical therapists. We have a strong focus on bio-mechanical analysis, and look closely at the posture and alignment of the body. We use all available methods and innovative measurement techniques to ensure solid diagnosis and effective therapy with instant results. No- nonsense physical therapy, offering a structural solution and long lasting results!

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We go above and beyond
to provide structural solutions

Physical therapy treatment of

  • Neck or back pain
  • Headaches or breathing issues
  • All Pregnancy problems /  pelvic instability
  • All Postnatal problems / diastasis and prolapses
  • Hip, knee or ankle problems
  • Shoulder, elbow or wrist problems
  • Any kind of (top) sport problem/injury or limitations. (Recent injuries, but also old unresolved issues. We get a lot of “difficult cases” and third referrals!)
  • Revalidation

*We do not offer treatment for CVA, Parkinson’s, congenital deformities, central nervous system diseases, ASL, MS, SLE and any other major brain disorders.

Diagnostic tools

We use a number of diagnostic tools to help us with our analysis like for example Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Capnography and Electromyography.  We are looking for the causes of why you are complaining and because of our experience, diverse education and international techniques we offer a complete plan with a structural solution.  We go beyond the “state-protocol” standard treatment… to provide you with answers, education of what and how you need to train for a long term solution, “hands – on” mobilisations of the areas that are stiff and limited in movement and last but not least a detailed tailored personal training program to prevent your problem from coming back in the future!

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