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The best treatment for a sprained ankle!

Physiomotion has the mobilisation techniques to give your ankel the ability to immediately reduce all elements of swelling and pain. These technisques wil help you regain function as soon as possible. For the best results contact us within 48 hours of your ankle sprain.

In our therapy we use special Mulligan® mobilisation techniques of the joint in combination with a taping technique. This results in an incredibly effective treatment to treat a sprained ankle. One which unfortunately finds too little recognition. (The books and protocols of ankel sprains should be rewritten to consider these techniques in the rehabilitation of ankle injury!) 

You do not need a referral of any doctor for a physical therapy treatment of your sprained ankle at Physiomotion. With a receipt of our services you can get refund from of your insurance. Depending on your package is it anywhere between 60% and 100%. (Click here for more info on refunds and insurance.)

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