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Personal training

Increase your sport performance with personal training. Personal training is THE number one way to get fast, effective results that you want if your trainer has a deep understanding of how to train the body. Because we all have many years of experience in training, training in our own private life;  have done top sports of some kind and have a professional degree in physical therapy we can give you the training you need,. 
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Stay on track with personal traiining

Many people have trouble finding the motivation to sport, especially after recovering from physical complaints and injuries, or with a busy job and a family, time may be problem. In these cases, personal training is the perfect solution. In our personal training we teach you what to do and how to align your body to perform the exercises and strength training correctly and effectively. You will get the most out of every training. Hey, if the ’top athletes’ get professional personal coaching and training.. then why shouldn’t you?!

Choice in sessions and intensity determine your results

In order to make a change in your body you will need to give a boost or training to your body at least 2 times a week for a period of 12 to 16 weeks. Only then you will feel a real change. We offer different packages with different intensities  With our sport school membership also you can do your personal program that we make for you under our supervision in our fitness facility. You can choose from: 

  • 5x personal training:  to be used within 2 months max in combination with our sport school membership or a membership elsewhere or training at home
  • 10x personal training:  to be used within 3 months max in combination with our sport school membership or a membership elsewhere or training at home
  • 20x Intense personal training of 2 times per week over a periode for 3 months. Here you book the most results! 

*please check our prices listed in our price page

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