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Whether the goal is to just maintain you health and vitality, to loose some weight, or to achieve better results in the sport you practice, we can help you reach your goals. We offer fitness and personal training at any level. At Physiomotion we are all certified physiotherapists. We have a deep knowledge of how the body works, which enables us to create effective, safe and fun trainings, suiting anyone’s needs. Everyone should be able to enjoy sports. Any questions or ready to start? 

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Finding the balance  

We deeply believe a clear mind and a happy life start with a healthy body. Sport can bring joy, energy, relaxation, strength... both physically and mentally. That’s why we feel so strongly about bringing the right kind of training. Paying extra attention to biomechanics (bodyalignment), and finding the right balance between pushing yourself and not crossing the line. Going ‘full gas’ isn’t always the way to achieve results.  

Attention time

At Physiomotion we provide personal training and you can always come to our gym to train individually. We have several hours of ‘Attention time’ sceduled as well. During these periods one of our physiotherapists (extra) is present in the fitness rom for extra help, advise and guidance. Not sure how to use the fitness equipment? Doubts about one of your exercises of your training in general? Our sport professionals are there for you!