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Senior training Rotterdam

The BEST and most friendly Senior training in Rotterdam… hands down! With Senior Motion we offer sport and training for 55 plus. This special training program offers seniors the opportunity to train under professional supervision.  As we get older THE number one most important aspect to a healthy body is to keep training your strength.  Muscle strength = bone building = independency! 

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Stay fit and independent

As you get older your muscles will deteriorate,  if you do not train them and keep them stimulated or in other words TRAINED! The go away! We lose 30% muscle mass per year after the age of 45 without training. There are so many studies that show the positive effects of 1 hour of training 3x in the week for seniors. Many times you do not know what to do or which apparatus to use, that is why we offer special hours where we are in the area to help you set up the right kilos and help you with the correct movement. Besides that we are there to guide you there is also nice music to motivate you! 

How does it work? 

At the first sport appointment we will make an assessment of your wishes and goals, as well as an inventory of possible complaints or limitations. It is very important that as you get older that you train within your health parameters! This way we can insure a pain-free, safe and effective training. The second appointment we will take you through personally the whole schedule so you know what to do.  (This we call the sport intake. ) 
Get started , stay fit and especially independent from everyone!

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