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Due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus, Physiomotion had to close its doors on 15 March. As of Monday 11 May, we have reopened our practice for all one-to-one sessions, such as physiotherapy treatments and personal training. We take extensive security measures in this regard, see below. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Safety measures:    

Physiomotion provides you with the upmost safety environment.  We are wearing at all times of treatment protection masks (FFP2) and glasses as well as sanitizing the area before your session.  

What we ask of you as client is the following: 

  • Of course if you do not feel well and have a runny nose, fever or a cold, DO NOT COME AND RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT at least 12 hours beforehand with no cancellation fees. 
  • Sanitize your hands when you come in the door with our alcohol wipes. 
  • For treatment sessions and intakes please bring 2 towels with you. 
  • For personal training and 1:1 sport sessions please bring 1 towel with you. 
  • Please come already in your training clothes or bring a T-shirt and pants / legging with you for both treatment sessions and sport sessions. 
  • It is your own responsibility to bring your own mask during the treatment sessions. It is not mandatory.  

Physical therapy, PT & (sport) intakes

Physiomotion is reopened for -at least - the following services.

If you have questions or complaints, but do not feel comfortable with visiting our practice, we are still available for ONLINE CONSULTATION as well.


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