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Starting MONDAY 6 JULY 2020, our gym is reopened, regular hours. 

We have set up the area in such a way that 20 people should be no problem upstairs, this is the maximum that is allowed. We are a very small private sport school so in the past it was rarely so busy that more than 20 people were in the training area. This is the reason that we are not requiring anyone to sign in at the moment for certain hours. We do ask you to take into account the corona measures as listed below.

Please read and follow these guidlines when visiting our gym:

  • Stay home it you have: sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, flu like symptoms, fever, shortness of breath and/or general abnormal tiredness. Go to the family doctor and you may come back when they say you are able to sport.
  • Stay home if you partner/inmate has symptoms or has tested positive with the virus.
  • Keep 1.5 distance as much as possible. Do not hang around others to chat.  
  • Train as much as possible alone – individualistic.  
  • Respect the distance to others.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly, especially before you enter and before you leave the practice / gym.
  • Use your own towel and drink bottle.  Please bring a towel big enough to cover a whole matt or a good deal of a machine.  For example a “beach towel”. 
  • Use the disinfectant stations are present to clean the machines/ weights and other fitness material. We ask you to use it before and after using all trainings equipment and machines, especially the handles of the equipment.
  • The dressing rooms and showers are still not available because of hygiene and the virus.
  • Coffee and tea are also not available right now. 
  • While doing the non-cardio intense training it is advisable to wear a mask however it is not mandatory. 
  • Our physical therapist that will be helping you will be wearing a FFP2 masks to safely help everyone.
  • Training Gloves:  we do not like you to wear gloves because these can even be more dirty than your hands because they do not get cleaned with alcohol and touch everything. 
  • Touch as little as possible any handles of doors.
  • Pay without touching the pay machine if possible.
  • Further the usual Corona protocol is still effective: do not shake hands, sneeze in elbow.. etc.

Contact us in case of any questions.


010-217 93 40info@physiomotion.nl