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Functionele Elektrische Stimulatie (FES)

Te veel mensen accepteren (postnatale) klachten zoals inactieve of zwakke bekkenbodemspieren of postnatale pijn. Bij Physiomotion hebben we de kennis en ervaring om de meest complexe postnatale / bekkenbodemproblemen te diagnosticeren en te behandelen. Functionele elektrische stimulatie (FES) is een geweldige manier om inactieve spieren en zenuwen te trainen en opnieuw te activeren. In 80% van de gevallen is een maand thuis trainen al voldoende om de spieren weer 'op gang te krijgen'. Meer te weten komen?

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What is Functional Electrical Stimulation?

FES is a training tool especially for the postnatal pelvic floor or other womens health conditions. After research and analysis, in many cases we find the pelvic floor muscles are not working (correctly). Specialised training is needed for tightening and relaxing the muscles properly, for stimulating the sensory nerve fibers and improving muscle strength and coordination. Our FES device enables you to easily train these aspects at home.

Pelvic muscles training with FES

You can train with FES in the comfort and privacy of your home. We teach you how to use the device and which program to follow. We rent out the device for 1 month. In 80% of the cases the effects are good enough to continue training with regular exercise. It's a great tool to get the pelvic muscles started again. After a short 'kickstart', you can get started with real muscle training.

We often use FES postnatal, when the pelvic floor is weak (especially after a cut), but it's also used for general pre or postnatal pain relief, to relax the bladder and / or to build coordination in the vagina. Make an appointment with our pelvic floor specialist Stephanie Ley to find out more.